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Modern House Designs and Building Designs

Consultation and Building Design for all Projects.

Renovations, new homes, multi-family dwelling units, channel bracing foundations, foundation designs, shops, leasehold improvements and commercial projects.  Architectural and Structural CAD drafting to suite all your projects with more than 22 years of experience and a customized approach to every project.


Our Company also works hand in hand with local engineering firms to have your project not only designed and drafted, but completed in the shortest possible time to meet the most demanding schedules.

​​​This is Jason. He loves design challenges.

Jason's path to becoming an architectural / engineering technologist  was determined at an early age. Always sketching and doodling house designs from an early age started the wheels in motion.  Leading to drafting classes in high school, turning into a degree in Architectural/Engineering technology from Siast Palliser Campus in Moose Jaw.  Jason is a member in good standing with Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians (SASTT) as an Applied Science Technologist.

Modern Building Design Ideas

Every space is different. Every structure is as unique as its occupant.

Brain storming ideas with the client before arriving at the perfect one for a project or client. It's a necessary part of the architectural process and one that we take seriously.

Here's how we do it:

  • Start with a project size and usage.
  • Site location and size.
  • Budget allocated for the project.
  • Scope of work to be completed for the client.
  • Put thought to paper and prepare pre-liminary floor plans for client discussions and approvals.
  • Review and obtain clients approvals.
  • Prepare working drawings from client approved preliminary drawings, including all building seals as required for the project.
  • Supply client with final review and printed sets of plans.